Contact Information

The easiest, fastest way to reach us is:

Email: info@thesweatsocial.com 

We will get back to you in 24 hours or less, guaranteed.

What wellness services do you offer? 

HIT PAUSE MOBILE APP: Hit Pause is available for your teams to use on their iPhones, Android and Tablets. The app provides short and effective video and audio wellness guides for you to follow along with. These guides are typically less than 5 minutes long and designed to help you with specific needs. This can range from a 5 minute lower back release to a 3 minute focused meditation. The app generates useful data for your company to understand how wellness is helping performance. For information on our free pilot program or for pricing please call 504-510-1973 or email us at info@thesweatsocial.com

MEETINGS & EVENTS: We design fitness and mindfulness programs that compliment your meeting/event taking into consideration your tight schedule, budget and most importantly, culture. Services typically include on-site fitness classes, guided meditation, fun runs/walks, yoga, stretch breaks and even biometric screens. Our programs are as specific as you need them to be, and we encourage that. Our team of wellness experts and meeting coordinators will work with you to design, create, and implement programs and handle all of the logistics.

How much does it cost and how do I create an event for my group?

Give us a call at 504-510-1973 or email info@thesweatsocial.com to discuss your specific needs and we can provide pricing for Hit Pause and/or live events. We will get back to you within 24 hours. Our first step is to understand more about your group and your event. We are big believers in building lasting relationships, so don’t be put off if we want to schedule a call with you to spend some time understanding your specific needs. From there we will create a program with options for you to review and together we will finalize a custom wellness program including pricing designed for the needs of your event attendees. If you have a budget in mind, please let us know and we will work within your budget.

How to I sign up for the Hit Pause Mobile App Pilot Program?

Contact us! email us at info@thesweatsocial.com or call 504-510-1973

Is the Hit Pause Mobile App available to download?

Hit Pause is designed for company use and as such, we need to respect the privacy of employers and their employees. If you are interested in downloading Hit Pause please contact us and we will send you a unique code to enable your download. Hit Pause is available on the Apple Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).

Our schedule is very tight, but we want a wellness offering. What can you do?

We understand your meeting is jam-packed. Each event has a different schedule and we’ve become experts in executing wellness programs that work within your time constraints while driving optimal participation and value to attendees. Contact us so we can understand your program schedule and needs and we will propose options to incorporate wellness services that compliment your event itinerary.

Where are you located?

The Sweat Social services locations around the USA and internationally. Our core team is based in the US in New Orleans and the NYC area.

What levels are your fitness and yoga classes designed for? 

Each workout allows beginners, intermediate, advanced and even elite levels to participate and get an equally challenging and rewarding fitness or yoga experience. You don't need to be a fitness nut or yogi to enjoy these classes, but you'll still be happy if you are.

Do I need plan for exercise mats or equipment?

Nope, we are a full service company and provide end-to-end management of equipment, logistics, shipping, setup, etc. We have you covered.

What should attendees wear to the wellness events? 

Exercise attire is appropriate for fitness-based experiences. However, many offerings allow participation in business attire. We will be sure to let you know the appropriate attire for each event and work with your schedule to ensure you have time to change and shower if necessary.

How long do the classes at your events last? 

Usually 30-45 minutes and sometimes up to 2 hours for specialty offerings, but it totally depends on you. We respect your time and priorities during your event.

Do you cater to specialty groups like Bachelorette Parties and Weddings?

We cater to specialty groups with over 20 participants. Please contact us to discuss details.

What if I have an injury?

If you have been cleared to partake in exercise by your doctor, you are welcome to join. Our instructors are knowledgeable, certified group fitness instructors, personal trainers and have first aid + CPR experience. Please inform them of your injury and if there is a particular exercise you are uncomfortable with, they will provide modifiers for you.

Do you cancel outdoor events for rain or inclement weather?

We believe in getting folks outdoors as often as possible. Outdoor events will still be held if there is some slight rain and indoor weather contingencies are determined prior to each event.

What type of certifications do instructors hold?

Our instructors are certified by accredited bodies of diet and exercise with national and international recognition. Commonly our instructors hold ACE (American Council on Exercise) personal training certifications as well as AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) group fitness certifications. In addition, many instructors have certifications in CPR and AED and have specialty certifications in Yoga, Pilates, Yoga Therapy, Martial Arts and more.

Is The Sweat Social and your staff Insured?

Yes, please contact us for specific details if needed.

Is there any age restriction to join?

We ask that participants be at least 16 years of age or come with a supervising adult.

What is the social aspect all about?

Icebreakers, team builders, raffles, endorphin rushes and more. We encourage a social atmosphere at our events to increase attendee engagement and impact. We are firm believers in creating a tribe of like-minded individuals who believe in wellness as a way a life, regardless if they are at home, the office or on the road.  

Have a question not listed?  Don’t be afraid to contact us.