Tips to Avoid Decision Fatigue When Traveling

Have you ever thought about the number of decisions you make in any given day? From the moment you wake up, you are making countless decisions such as what to eat for breakfast, what to wear, what time to leave for work, or what route to take on your commute. When traveling, these decisions multiply as travel always comes with some level of unpredictability. While some of these decisions might be exciting, such as deciding what bistro to have lunch at when traveling in Paris, business travelers are often exhausted by the end of the day due to decision fatigue.

Roy Baumeister, a social psychologist coined the term decision fatigue after discovering a decline in the quality of decisions made after a person was asked to make too many decisions in a row. After a tough workout, it’s often hard to call upon your body to push further. Similarly, your mind experiences the same thing after making too many decisions. From deciding what to pack to finding a healthy meal, navigating a new city as a business traveler can take a toll on the body and mind.

Adding some routine or predictability into your life on the road will help reduce decision fatigue, leaving you sharp and energized for the most important aspects of your trip.

Tips to Avoid Decision Fatigue When Traveling:

  • Get organized for the day (or few days) before your trip. Pack smartly and plan for the unexpected (i.e. weather, trip extension, etc.).

  • Keep some snacks in your carry-on bag. We love RX Bars, mixed nuts, and jerky.

  • Stay hydrated and avoid paying airport prices for a bottle of water by keeping a refillable bottle with you.

  • If going to the airport, download the app by Trip Advisor and you can see what shops and restaurants are at your terminal.

  • If staying at a hotel, unpack your bags and get everything organized for the next day. This includes picking out your gym clothes, an outfit for the next day, and determining your workout for the morning.

  • If traveling for work, try to stay at the same hotel chain in every city. Not only will you accumulate hotel rewards points, but your check-in experience to your room set-up will be the same, giving you a sense of routine and comfort.

  • Research restaurants near your hotel and decide what you will order in advance. This way, your decision can come from a place of logic versus extreme hunger, which might lead you to make unhealthy choices.

These simple practices better prepare you for your trip because they reduce the amount of decisions you need to make on the fly, so you can really focus on making the decisions that are critical to the success of your trip. Try some of these on your next trip and let us know how you feel after.

The Sweat Social Team


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