10 Tips to Beat Travel Anxiety

If you feel anxious just before a business trip of even a vacation, you are not alone. The fear of the unknown causes humans to feel anxious, nervous and even panicked. Travel stress and anxiety are real. Th unpredictability that comes with being away from home can make anyone feel uneasy. If you are the type of person who plans things, travel can throw a wrench into your plan. Spontaneously deciding where to eat, or what to do when your flight is cancelled can add stress to your trip. Traveling is not something that is easy to put a routine around as it involves ever changing variables (cancellations, weather, delays, etc.) that are simply out of your control. So if you are a routine person like many of us are, travel can prove to be a challenge.


Business travel can compound this stress and anxiety. Our working lives are inherently stressful and adding the unpredictability of travel exacerbates the situation. Have you ever noticed how physically and mentally exhausted you are after a business trip? Or, how hard it is to fall back into your routine when you get back home? Unfortunately, it doesn’t get easier over time, it gets worse. For frequent business travelers and field-based employees, constant travel will accelerate the decline in health, wellness, and performance both on and off the job.

When it comes to work, many of us do not have a choice and must travel frequently. We hope the following tips and hacks that we have been using for years help you reduce the rigors of travel. Use the following tips to provide some predictability and control in an unpredictable travel environment.

10 Tips to Beat Travel Anxiety

  • Make a to-do list and include all the variables. If you need to accomplish something but cannot plan for the specifics, just write down the outcome you are hoping for. It will set a great intention for success.

  • If staying at a hotel, unpack your suitcase when you arrive and try to keep your room tidy and organized.

  • Take a huge step by making your bed in the morning, even if housekeeping is provided. Making your bed as soon as you wake up gives you a sense of accomplishment which also brings the energy of success into your day.

  • Exercise at least 1 out of every 2 days. Since a workout requires you to be completely present this time will help you avoid thinking about stress and worries. Any workout will do, but we really recommend cardio or yoga to get the blood pumping and sweat dripping.

  • Drink a lot of water. Travel dehydrates you more than you think.

  • Get out of the hotel and go for a brisk walk, rain or shine.

  • Take a bath or sauna/steam if available.

  • Get a massage or spa treatment of choice.

  • Make smart food choices. Ordering "off menu" is a great trick for frequent travelers. Our go-to ask is grilled salmon with olive oil and steamed vegetables.

  • Have a glass of red wine. Yes, you read that right. It’ll calm you down.

  • Finally, accept that you are not in control. Understand that if you are delayed, miss a meeting, or have rainy days on your beach holiday, that it’s not your fault and everything will be just fine.

Use these tips to make your next trip a more pleasant experience!


The Sweat Social Team


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