Supercharge Standing Options for your Meeting Attendees

We all know that sitting is the new silent killer. Standing desk options are the new norm but why not take it up a notch for your wellness-minded attendees with a wobble board!

For attendees that prefer to stand during meeting breakout sessions, offering a few wobble or balance boards are a great way to super-charge standing. 

With a flat hard top to stand on and an unstable round bottom, balance boards require users to use stabilizers muscles to find equilibrium. Besides working your balance, the benefits of these boards are far and wide. They help users improve posture, stability, and agility and focus…a huge plus for meetings packed with valuable content.

In addition to traditional seating options at your next meeting, we recommend offering high-top tables with wobble/balance boards. It will bring attendees together, be a unique differentiator and most importantly, provide a valuable wellness option to attendees.

Recommendation: Position the boards in specific breakout rooms during your meeting or conference instead of the general session rooms. In our experience, breakout rooms give attendees the opportunity to collaborate, making the environment more conducive to people having fun!

The Sweat Social Team

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