"Healthify" Your Summer Cocktails With Magic Ingredients

Here at The Sweat Social, we believe in balance. So if you get a workout in on your next trip, you've earned the right to have a cocktail or two! When you are on the road, it may not be appropriate to tell your Mixologist to make you a cocktail full of antioxidants, but when you get home you can make some great cocktails that take advantage of some miracle ingredients. Here are some tips:

  • If a recipe calls for simple syrup (usually equal parts sugar and warm water mixed), substitute honey for the sugar. You'll get an added kick of anti-oxidants. 1/2 tbsp honey to 3/4 tbsp warm water mixed fully is the proportion.
  • Leverage fresh fruit, roots and herbs. By muddling fresh fruit and herbs of your choice, you release many of the health benefits and add a tad of sugar and tartness to lift up any drink. We prefer using fresh berries, pomegranate, citrus, ginger, galangal, mint, rosemary, basil, sage and even cilantro (it's great in bloody mary's).
  • Try using some unique spices. Try turmeric - it's full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It's relatively tasteless and has a mild fragrance so it can mix well into any cocktail. The super bright yellow/orange color will sure add an impressive visual component.
  • Crushed cardamom (seeds removed from pods), star anise and cloves will give your cocktail a wow factor with a completely unique taste that most closely resembles an absinthe type of flavor.
  • Add some spice! Hot peppers stimulate the metabolism. Try balancing a cocktail with a spicy component such a dash of cayenne pepper, fresh chili or even add a little hot sauce to a light beer with some fresh lime.
  • Use tea (try Kombucha for added probiotics), coffee and even dark chocolate. A little caffeine and the anti-oxidants from teas, coffees and dark chocolate are a great way to pep up your drink. Just limit yourself to one of these, caffeine plus alcohol can really dehydrate you.

Our favorite post-sweat summer cocktail recipe:

What you'll need:

1 lemon juiced (reserve the peel)

Half a cup of Kombucha (plain or ginger flavor - you can find this at any Whole Foods or similar store)

5 mint leaves

1 sprig of rosemary

Honey simple syrup with crushed cardamom (optional - but awesome) and 1/4 tsp turmeric (optional - but healthy). This will keep for months in the fridge and the longer it sits, the better, make it in batches and save it

1 shot of gin


In a highball glass, muddle a few (no more than 5 rosemary leaves and keep the rest of the sprig for garnish) with the mint leaves and 1 tsp of the simple syrup

Fill the glass with ice, add the gin and lemon juice and stir (you want the muddled herbs to spread uniformly throughout the cocktail). Top with the Kombucha and lightly stir a few times to combine.

Grate a bit of the lemon zest on top and garnish with a sprig or rosemary. Enjoy!

All your hardwork deserves a little fun!


The Sweat Social Team