Diet to Lose Weight, Exercise for A Balanced Mind.

A lot of people believe that exercise is the way to weight loss.  It certainly helps, there’s no doubt about that, but the real driver of weight loss is proper dieting.  In our opinion dieting is a lot harder than exercising. And although physical activity certainly will accelerate weight loss, it isn’t the primary driver of it. So if you are trying to lose weight by working out and think that you can stuff your face with anything you want, you probably will be disappointed by your results after the first few months (unless you work out like an Olympic athlete or have magical genetics). You simply can’t eat anything you want, do some exercise and expect to continuously lose weight. We know, it sucks.  The trick to losing weight is doing both. By adding an exercise component to your diet regimen you will certainly be able to indulge in that cheeseburger, pizza or ice cream once in a while and not pay the consequences. You’ll also get stronger and healthier inside and out.

One major commonly overlooked benefit of exercise is increased mental balance. Have you ever felt way too stressed out, depressed, anxious, nervous, angry, sad, manic and in an irreversible funk? We sure have.  Most of us experience this from time to time.

For us, the magic bullet to a balanced, clear mind is exercise. It doesn’t have to be about weight loss or performance gains, it can be about simply clearing your mind. Exercise provides an amazing benefit of increasing your mental capacity, acuity, elevating your mood and of course increasing physical health.

We like to exercise in the early morning, it sets the day right and instantly decreases any anxiety or stress levels we may have with the rigors of what we need to accomplish that day.  

So the next time you feel a little sideways, go break a sweat, you won’t regret it.