Do you work in the office? It could kill you unless...

Sitting down in a chair all day is really bad for you, we know that now. The short-term effects are tight hips, loss of flexibility, poor circulation and even digestion problems. The long-term effects could result in diabetes, heart disease and a serious hunch-back. We all know that sitting down all day is bad, and we all can’t get those nifty stand up desks or sit on a purple exercise ball in an office setting.  Combine the physical stress with the mental and emotional stress of life at work and the office can be a dangerous place to spend 8 – 10 hours a day. Here are a few things you can do to help.


1.     Sit completely straight stacking your spine with your shoulders back and chest slightly pushed out. Your core should be tensed to hold this position initially. Set a timer on your phone for 3 minutes and hold this position.  Breathe, it will get easier next week.

2.     When the 3 minutes are up, continue to hold the position and engage your abs to pull both your feet off the ground raising your knees up to the ceiling as high as they will go (they won't go very high, try to get over your hip level). Do 15 reps then relax. Don’t forget to breathe.

3.     Try to do this exercise once every 30 minutes. You’ll end up doing about 16 sets. It's a great way to kill time on those boring conference calls! You’ll feel the difference in less than a week.

4.     Stand up every 20 minutes and walk around or just stand up tall and straight for 5 minutes.

5.     Roll out your neck in big circles, your shoulders too and finally (when no one is looking) do hip rotations and gently push into the tightness in your hip flexors, like you’re hula hooping. We also recommend ankle rotations constantly, you don't want varicose veins developing down there!

6.     Never take the elevator for anything less than 4 flights of stairs.

7.     Get outside when the sun is out. Take a call or eat lunch outside. Vitamin D will do wonders and will provide mental and emotional lift.

8.     Get buy-in from colleagues who are into fitness and put together an office fitness class in an unused space. Get everyone together and use a projector or computer screen and find different workouts to do on Youtube. I like Fitness Blender. Soon you’ll be having burpee competitions.

9.     Fall in love with water and drink a lot of it.

10.  We want to hear from YOU! What tips do you have for keeping fresh and fit in the office?


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The Sweat Social Team