3 Quick Tips to Stay Fit on Your Next Business Trip

Business trips are usually packed with meetings and client dinners. The options for healthy, high-quality meals are limited and usually far out of your way. Couple that with a back-to-back schedule, unavoidable sugary meeting snacks and a lot of sitting and doing nothing, and chances are you aren’t going to feel your best when you get back home.

3 Quick Tips to Stay Fit on Your Next Business Trip

1.     For every 3 days on the road, one 20-30-minute high-intensity workout is the goal. Two workouts are even better. You don’t need a gym, all you need is a little space. We suggest getting out of your hotel room and finding a nice spot outdoors. Warm-up with about 2-3 minutes of jumping jacks and high knees. Then, complete 6 rounds of the following as fast as you can with one minute of rest in between rounds. Be sure to pay attention to your form. 

A.     12 SQUATS


C.      12 PUSHUPS



F.      10 BURPEES

2. Sleep, sleep, sleep! We often underestimate the magical powers that sleep can provide our bodies. When traveling, it is crucial to get your zzz's. Skip the late-night bar sessions with co-workers, and instead, treat yourself to some water or decaf green tea, and head to bed.

3.     Pay attention to your nutrition. Drink as much water as possible, don’t get dessert at dinner and avoid salty foods and processed meats like bacon. Sushi and grilled salmon are our personal go to's on the road.

Hopefully, these easy tips will help keep you balanced and maintaining your progress even with the added stress of travel on your body.

The Sweat Social Team

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