Guaranteed Fun at the New Meeting Teambuilder

We all know that networking events can often be dull and boring, and can sometimes feel like they drag on for much longer than they need to. Dozens of people making small talk, typing away on their smartphones to look busy, waiting until they can go to their hotel, eat dinner, and hop into bed. But what if networking didn’t have to be the same, mundane scene every time?

This is where “Sweatworking” comes in. Instead of going to a loud bar after work for drinks or having a happy hour at the hotel banquet room, why not get active with your coworkers and burn off that stress and get the blood flowing (drinks will wait until after)? Afterward, grab a that adult beverage or a protein smoothie, and chat about business, when everyone has endorphins flowing and is feeling good. This new kind of networking is taking the country by storm, and we’re helping it along.

The Sweat Social has found that when it comes to team-building, nothing brings people together like getting up and moving, and it always gives people something in common and for the competitive streak in all of us, it gives us reason to beat our co-workers! Feeling that burn and getting sore together is a great way to start or end a day as a team, and it makes people feel like they are working together toward a common goal.

“Sweatworking” during corporate events and conferences is a great way to break the ice, and have people feel connected. Whether it’s one of our HIIT workouts, a lower-intensity pilates-style class, or a historic running tour of the city, “sweatworking” allows people to let their guards down and see their coworkers in a new way, without professional clothes or an office setting.

Working out with colleagues not only strengthens your bodies, but can also strengthen communication between the team. People are more likely to communicate well when they feel relaxed, and releasing those endorphins can eliminate stress and anxiety.

So if you’re tired of typical, routine corporate events and awkward ice-breakers, get some “sweatworking” into your networking, and kick some butt with your coworkers!

To book The Sweat Social for your next corporate event, give us a call. Your group won't forget it.