Who and What is Eat Fit NOLA?

You've booked your trip to New Orleans. Now comes the fun part - deciding what to do and most importantly - where to eat! This city is filled with everything from delicious bar food to white table cloth upscale dining. Nothing disappoints, except your growing waistline.

Meet Molly Kimball, a registered dietician who spearheads Eat Fit NOLA an initiative to expose gastronauts to the healthy and wholesome dishes of New Orleans. Partnering with restaurants around the city, Molly and her team identify healthier options right on the menu by placing their "Eat Fit NOLA" logo next to the reduced calorie delight. After two days of decadent dining in this city, finding an Eat Fit Nola logo next a menu item is a shining beacon of hope for your waistline.

                                        MOLLY'S ON THE LEFT :)

                                        MOLLY'S ON THE LEFT :)

Molly grew up in a household that centered around healthy eating, some would call this voodoo in New Orleans (see what we did there?). This culture of healthy eating stayed with Molly through college where she graduated from LSU with a bachelors in both Food Science & Technology and Dietetics. Molly currently works as the nutrition program manager at Ochsner’s Elmwood Fitness Center, runs Eat Fit NOLA and offers nutritional advice across local and national media.

The Sweat Social recently got sweaty with the Eat Fit NOLA team who shared their vision of making New Orleans a healthier city.

It starts with lifestyle nutrition. To Molly, accepting your non-negotiables is very important. If you love your evening cocktail, but can ditch the afternoon candy bar - great! Identify what you aren’t willing to change first. From there, everything else becomes negotiable and can either be eliminated or substituted for a healthier option.

Molly's advice about exercise is to get creative with your time. Everyone is pressed for time so learning to multitask is key. Molly often chooses the elliptical as her form of cardio so she can check email while getting in a workout. She encourages parents to get in a workout while the kids are playing, at practice, music lessons, etc...even if it's only for 20 minutes.

Molly’s favorite type of workouts are high intensity interval training (HIIT) based. Now isn’t that awesome!? She likes challenging her body with functional movements such as snatches off of a bosu ball which require balance, agility and of course, strength.

For visitors coming to New Orleans, Molly’s advice is to negotiate with yourself. Choose one blowout meal a day and make sure it’s something unique to New Orleans that you wouldn’t find back home. Get in a workout and try to walk as much as possible.

For people just starting on their health and fitness journey, Molly recommends figuring out what changes make the biggest impact. Are you over snacking or eating out more than a few times a week? Do you sit at a desk for 8 hours a day and never exercise? Rather than follow the latest trend in diet and fitness, decide what makes sense for your lifestyle and for YOU. Identify the bad habits you are willing to change and get creative with fitting fitness into your day. Any kind of movement is better than none at all!

Look for Eat Fit NOLA on the menu's of your favorite restaurants in the Big Easy...and order the dish!