How To Spend 48 Hours In New Orleans Without Gaining a Pound: The Ultimate Itinerary

How To Spend 48 Hours In New Orleans Without Gaining a Pound: The Ultimate Itinerary

Planning to come to NOLA for a couple of days? Scared sh*tless that the waistline that you have so arduously sculpted will start to dribble over your belt and your hangover will last 3 solid days?

Worry not friends! The Sweat Social has come to your rescue and curated an itinerary just for you. You won't miss a po’boy, delicious cocktail or late night jazz club. The idea is to have sh*tloads of fun without going past the point of no return.

48 Hours in NOLA: Keys to Success

  • Get Authentic by Getting Out of the French Quarter
  • Stay Active
  • Eat Well and Off The Tourist Path with 1 Healthy Meal per Day
  • Get in 1 Real Workout
  • Drink When Occasion Calls
  • Hydrate…Constantly!
  • Sleep Enough

Your Itinerary

Day 1: My Mind Says Hurricanes, but My Body Says Kombucha

Step 1: Arrive in New Orleans and check into hotel, Air BnB, hostel or just pitch a tent. If you arrived on a plane, chug a bottle of water. You’re dehydrated and possibly intoxicated.

Step 2: Grab a cup of a chicory coffee (it’s the strong full bodied brew we love down here) from a local coffee shop you have never heard of. Avoid Starbucks and Coffee Bean - they won’t have it, and if they do, it will suck. Now you know how we feel about corporate coffee.

Dark and murkey...mmmm.

Dark and murkey...mmmm.

Step 3: Take a stroll down Royal Street in the French Quarter stopping at the beautiful art galleries and boutiques. Perhaps you should stop at MS Rau Antiques, aka “the mother load of magnificence” (our term) and ask to be taken to the secret room.

Step 4: You’re probably hungry, we suggest avoiding the immense line at Cafe Du Monde and Cafe Beignet and head down to a little local grocery called Verti Marte on Royal and Governor Nicholls Street. Split a fried shrimp and oyster po’ boy fully dressed with a friend. If you’re up for it, grab a beer too, but beware the one beer grogginess that will likely ensue. If you are in it for the long haul, get some water instead and start on the sauce later.

Step 5: Keep walking through the French Quarter past Frenchman Street and make your way to Crescent Park - newly opened with breathtaking views of the mighty Mississippi. This is a good spot to enjoy your po’boy if you haven’t wolfed it down already. Walk down the riverfront until you come to the rainbow bridge (it's not really rainbow colored, but you can’t miss it) and go up and over.

Step 6: Welcome to the Bywater, the understated playground for hipsters in the new, New Orleans. Check out the quirky thrift stores, antique shops and incredible bohemia that surrounds you. Stop by Booty's Street Food and grab a glass of Kombucha (hold the booze). Your body will thank you. Make your way up to Royal Street and walk back towards the French quarter stopping to admire the multi-colored homes as you pass through the adjacent Faubourg Marigny neighborhood (our hood!).

Step 7: Pull a right on St. Roch Ave. Just across St. Claude Ave, you'll find the St. Roch Market. Grab some raw oysters on the half shell or anything that tickles your fancy. Now’s the time to treat yourself to a craft cocktail or a crisp glass of bubbly. Then head home for a 25 minute cat nap.

Step 8: Arise, shower and change. Before dinner, stop at the Roosevelt Hotel’s Sazerac Bar in the Warehouse District for another craft cocktail to kick off your evening. We recommend the Ramos Gin Fizz.

Step 9: Head to Elizabeth's for dinner, an elevated Cajun (that's real country food) restaurant that serves a side of praline bacon - nuff said. If you are up for something with a more modern ambiance and great pizza's and pasta, check out Palladar.  

Step 10: Take an Uber or cab to Bacchanal for some wine, cheese and live music in a gorgeous outdoor setting in the Bywater. Take a cab home. 

Free Tip: Nothing good ever happens after 12AM. Go to your hotel, drink a lot of water and get some sleep. Don’t walk. Take a cab.

Day 2: Holy Crap! I Don't Feel Like Crap. 

Step 1: Wake up as early as you can muster and drink more water.

Step 2: Kick your day off with a quick, wake-you-up workout on the riverfront. It'll keep you burning calories all day and supercharge you. (That was our shameless plug for you to join The Sweat Social!)

Step 3: Hit Meals from the Heart Cafe for some post workout deliciousness on the healthy side.

Step 4: After a shower, take the St. Charles Streetcar uptown. Stroll around the historic Garden District and over to Magazine Street. You can see mansions, cities of the dead, and boutiques…only in New Orleans!

Step 6: Take the St. Charles Streetcar back downtown and stop for an awesome lunch at Carmo Café in the warehouse district. Afterwards, check out some art galleries on Julia Street. 

Step 7: Mosey on over to newly opened Cellar Door for a cocktail.

Step 8: Afternoon catnap!

Step 9: Take a cab or Uber to Pearl Wine Co and buy a bottle of something special.  Walk over to City Park and explore the old oak trees and mysticism of the park and find a perfect spot to pop your bottle and take it all in.

Step 10: Grab a cab or Uber to dinner at La Petit Grocery and follow it up with some live music at Le Bon Temps Roule or Tipitina’s uptown.

Step 11: If you're still chomping at the bit and up for some late night music head to Frenchmen Street for some jazz. Most shows start around 8pm and go through the wee hours of the morning. Check the listings at The Spotted Cat, Blue Nile and D.B.A. 

Step 12: Head to your hotel and drink water!

Day 3: Parting is such sweet sorrow...

The only step: Breakfast! Ok it's time for Cafe Du Monde for the sugar rush you need to get you home.  

The “real” New Orleans, is so much more than Bourbon Street. We hope you enjoy connecting with another side of the Big Easy.