5 Reasons to Always Pack Your Sneakers

When it's time to pack your bags for a trip, the last thing you want to make room for is your workout gear, but you should (they fold up tightly). Just because you're on a trip, it doesn't mean that your fitness routine should be on vacation. Consider the following before leaving the sneakers and sweat gear out of your suitcase:

1. You're likely going to eat a lot of the local cuisine and have a few cocktails - this creates a guilty feeling and a few extra pounds to deal with when you get back home. Never fear, you packed your workout gear! Eat and drink all you want and sweat it out later. Endorphins make everything better.

2. Getting back from a trip sucks. You have to catch up on work, get the house back in order, get ready for the week, pay bills, and hit the gym hard. At least you can eliminate one of these stressful tasks. By working out when you travel, you are going to look and feel great and be ultra focused, ready to get right back to your other routines without the post trip, back in the real world depression.

3. Workout clothes are super comfortable. If you are casually going to explore during the day, why burden yourself with uncomfortable shoes and tight pants. Wearing comfortable workout gear will guarantee you are up for just a little more exploring than normal, plus a lot of companies offer some pretty stylish tights. 

4. Make a fitness activity part of your itinerary. Don't limit yourself to hotel gym, making exercise a chore. Get on Google and check out fitness activities going on in the destination you are visiting. You can probably find pick-up games with locals, running tours, water sports, hikes, you name it.

5. Use those sneakers to run through a new neighborhood. Hotel concierges are great at providing running paths for guests. Ask them where to go for a run, you'll be surprised how much more you can see when you stride through a new town. 

When it comes to traveling with or without our sneakers the choice is a no brainer. Find some room in that suitcase.