Tips to Fit In A Workout During Your Conference

Getting in a workout when you are traveling for a conference or work event can be tough. Many hotels do not have gym facilities and the ones that do often charge a fee and are as stale as those 8 Minute Abs VHS tapes. The food at these events is decent, but usually very heavy. What's worse is that you are likely sitting down all day and when you get a break you are hard pressed not to hit the snack bar stacked high with candy, pastries, and other fried sugary substances. Then comes dinner and drinks. Many folks combat this by going for a run to get in some cardio (watch out for potholes). The problem is unless you are running at your top end, you are likely going to have to run for a long time to combat all the eating and drinking that went on the previous day. Not to worry, we know you don't have time for an hour and half jog. Science has shown you only need 30 minutes of high quality exercise (or you can always starve yourself and live on black coffee).  

Just like the saying goes, “Not all calories are created equal,” the same holds true for exercise. “Not all exercise is created equal.

Since you are likely not going to have equipment handy, we suggest spending that 30 minutes doing a high intensity interval training workout (HIIT). HIIT workouts burn the maximum amount of calories in the shortest period of time. What's more is that they are fun, teach you to use your body in new ways, and are great at building strength and endurance. If you want to give a HIIT workout a try, come on over to the Sweat Social. We have early morning and evening classes. Ok, that was our shameless plug.