What To Pack For A Workout in The Big Easy

Are you planning on getting in a few workouts during your trip to New Orleans? If so, here’s what you should pack. The EDC (or Everyday Carry) for traveling fitness junkies is incredibly simple and takes very little baggage space. You’ll likely be eating and drinking more here, so packing workout gear for your trip is a very good thing. Here is what we suggest.

The Every Day Carry for the Travelling Fitness Junkie (Men & Women)

  • 1-2 Quick Dry Workout Shirt or Tank
  • 1 Quick Dry Workout Bottom (Shorts or Pants)
  • Extra underwear
  • Sports bras for women
  • Athletic socks
  • 1 pair of sneakers


The quick dry shirts and bottoms stay surprisingly fresh even after a few uses and if you need to wash them, a sink with hot water and soap works just fine.  Hang up your clothes and they will be dry and fresh in an hour or two.

Don't forget to pack extra underwear and socks!

If you want to be a super efficient packer, this video is for you