The BEST Cheap Eats in the Quarter

Few tourists and many a local know of the amazing food coming out of the unassuming Verti Marte in New Orleans. Part grocery store and part delicatessen, the Verti Marte is a legend amongst locals who frequent the eatery for "hit the spot" comfort food usually while inebriated or shortly thereafter. This popular drunken munchie/post hangover eatery cranks out some of the best sandwiches and southern food around. Prices have risen in recent years, but are still more than fair for the quality and portion size. Open 24 hours and with a prime location on Royal Street in the French Quarter, The Verti Marte is strategically positioned to welcome the drinking crowd. If your hangover is too head splitting to move, they'll deliver as well. 

Here are few, can't go wrong recommendations on what to get.

Our 4 Top Picks At The Verti Mart (in no particular order)

1.  Fried Shrimp and Oyster Po' Boy, Dressed

2. Country Fried Steak With Southern Gravy

3. All That Jazz Sandwich (Shrimp, Ham, Turkey, Mushrooms, Cheese and Wow Sauce!)

4. Fried Chicken Po' Boy with Bacon ('Nuff Said)

The Verti Marte is a cash only, take out establishment, so don't go with a group a friends expecting a table. Your order will likely take about 15 minutes because it's made fresh, so be patient and grab a cold beer from the cooler. When your food is ready,  find a nice spot in the French Quarter to enjoy your meal...or if you can't wait, the stoop across the street serves nicely. We usually make it about 3 steps before sitting down on the sidewalk and enjoying our meal.

Stay amazing Verti Marte.

Your biggest fans,