Our Story

It all started with frustration and a love of fitness and travel. Let's start with frustration. I'm talking about the dark reality that sets in when when you realize you can no longer eat, drink and party the nights away without severe consequences (primarily an ever expanding waistline and epic hangovers). It gets especially challenging when you travel, something we learned after spending 1 year traveling through Asia. So you can deprive yourself of life's great pleasures and be deeply depressed as life goes on, or you can try something different. We choose different. 

“After traveling for one year through Asia, I gained a strong understanding of the unique challenges travelers face when trying to continue their health and fitness goals on the road. We created The Sweat Social to provide a fast, effective workout for travelers that uniquely connects them to the destination in an authentic way. Our first location is in New Orleans, a tourism and convention mecca where options for fit minded travelers have been sorely inadequate. New Orleans is one of my favorite cities, but staying healthy and fit when I visited as a tourist was a constant problem. Most hotel gyms here just don’t cut the mustard.”-Rupa Mohan, Founder and CEO

So we are pleased to introduce you to The Sweat Social. The Sweat Social is a first in the world of fitness.  We provide challenging workouts in unconventional spaces that are short, sweet, super convenient and as effective as beignets are at loosening your belt buckle. That would normally be enough, but we actually want you to indulge in all our great city has to offer and for many of us, that means chowing down on some seriously good food and drink.  We partner with local restaurants, artisans, bars, shops, tour companies and music venues that want to offer you great deals and a true taste of authentic New Orleans just for sweating with us. If you are a traveler, a native or somewhere in-between, don't be afraid to come workout and earn some extra fun with us.

We hope to see you sweating soon,