Staying Fit During Winter's Chilly Months

Everyone knows that motivation is hard to come by in the winter months. With the chilly, sometimes gloomy weather outside, it can be easy to convince yourself that it’s always a good day to stay home, cozied up in your blankets and fuzzy socks. But a relaxing, restful day always feels better when you know you’ve done something productive, and knowing you’ve earned it makes it that much more enjoyable.

Exercise endorphins are no joke, and when the sky is dark and the air is cold, a good workout can lighten up your mood and turn your day into a positive one. Getting rid of your holiday weight can be a good motivator, especially because the average person gains around 4 lbs between Christmas Eve and New Year's, consuming twice their normal calories.

To keep yourself moving this winter, make sure to set yourself some goals and take people along for the ride. Take a look at our winter workout pointers and keep yourself healthy this season.

1. Find a buddy:

Having a workout buddy can keep you motivated, and even if it’s the only reason, not wanting to let them down can force you to get to the gym and give it your all. Set a plan three days a week to wake up in the morning and head to the gym or meet up after work for a run with your buddy – neither person will let the other cop out.

2. Start an office fitness challenge:

Group workouts are known to hold each person accountable, and a good incentive can make everyone involved very competitive. Get together a group of people at the office, set a start and end date, and what you will be measuring (% of weight lost, BMI, etc.). Whoever has improved the most receives a reward, like a spa day or tickets to a big basketball game. These incentives will make people more likely to want to participate, and therefore more likely to get themselves in shape, not to mention, this will boost office morale!

3. Get a yoga mat and some dumbbells:

Having these lying around your house will eliminate the problem of “not being able to get to the gym”, and will help you get rid of excuses and dive into a quick workout. 20 and 30 minute workouts can be found all over the internet, and many of them will leave you in a pool of sweat in no time at all. 

4. Bundle up!

Throw on your warmest long-sleeve, a thick pair of leggings, and a fleece headband, and get out there in the cold, crisp air. It might be shocking at first, but once you start sweating, you'll warm up, and you'll be happier than ever to be outside. So get out there and get what little bit of Vitamin D there is - a little fresh air never hurt anybody.

So don't be afraid of the winter - group workouts are a great way to get connected with people while getting fit. And if you feel inclined, brave the cold weather! It's not as bad as you might think. Happy winter!