Snacking Smart On the Road: How and Why to Do It

We’ve all experienced it: You wake up in the morning, ready for your flight, and fill your tummy with a delicious and hearty meal, figuring it will hold you over until you reach your destination. Three hours in, it hits you – the hunger. You panic. Frantically, you reach into the seat back pocket, pull out the menu, and find and array of disappointing and expensive options. A $9 ham and cheese sandwich. A chef salad drenched in thick buttermilk dressing. The $12 ‘healthy’ snack box filled with chocolate covered raisins and Baked Lays. You wonder where they got their definition of ‘healthy’.

It happens to the best of us. Airplane food is generally processed, bland, and undesirable, and can make you feel like you are getting your travels off to a bad start. To avoid this problem, there is a simple solution – pack your own snacks!

In the hustle and bustle of packing for a trip, it can feel like there isn’t time for much else, but throwing together a few healthy snacks and popping them in your carry-on is always worth it. And, we’ve done most of the work for you. Check out our list of fresh and healthful travel snacks and how they can be beneficial to your body.

Nuts: Anything from almonds to cashews to macadamias will keep your belly happy as a quick fix for a hunger pang. Loaded with healthy unsaturated fats and fiber, nuts in small amounts will keep you satisfied. Bonus: They are known to improve the health of artery walls, increasing your blood flow and making you more flexible.

Fresh and/or dried fruit: Things like apples, bananas, and pears are filling fruits that digest slowly, keeping you full for longer and making you less prone to unhealthy snacking. Dried fruits like dates, mango, and apricots do the same, but can contain more concentrated sugar, so check your ingredients before you buy.

Cheese: For a saltier snack, munch on some low-fat string cheese or mini Babybel wheels. These are packed with protein and are often quite low-calorie, and will satisfy both your stomach and your taste buds. Because honestly, who doesn’t like cheese?

Dark Chocolate: A couple of squares of organic dark chocolate has been proven to be very nutritious, containing lots of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Like cheese, it is also known to improve blood flow and lower blood pressure. Just don’t go crazy. Treat yo’self.

Get together some plastic baggies and get packin’! It only takes a few minutes, and your body (and your wallet) will thank you.