We've Been There

Work is hard...And it takes a toll on all of us. A few years ago, our team left corporate careers in pharmaceuticals, finance and tech  and turned in our suits for spandex to start The Sweat Social. We know how hard you work.

We Understand

We all want to make time to do something good for ourselves, but busy lives, hectic schedules, and constantly being on the go make it tough. We understand what you need to keep your engines running optimally, even when you're on the go.

What We Do

The Sweat Social creates job specific wellness programs by combining fitness with mindfulness while maintaining a keen understanding of the work you do. We deliver these wellness programs at your corporate events, incentive trips, meetings and conferences.

We spend the time to understand the specific job functions of your workforce and curate programs that help employees function optimally on the job. This results in increased job performance, longevity, morale and makes for a truly unique meeting.




Mobility Workshops

Fall Prevention Techniques

Lower Back Therapy

Focused Flexibility

On-site Massage

Physical Autonomy Class

Hotel + Sleep Clinic

Wellness Seminars (subject specific)

Hydration Infusions + Health Screens

Custom Fitness Events & Classes

Wellness Lounges

Guided Meditation & Yoga

Team Sports

Fun Runs, Active Tours & Scavenger Hunts

Stretch & Circulate Breaks

Team Builders  


Planes, Trains and Automobiles Workshop