Biking Audubon Park and Where to Eat After

Today’s vehicle of choice: not our feet, not our cars, not the street car, but our PEDALS! Yes, biking is one of the best ways to get active in the great outdoors without inducing the anxiety or dread that - let’s be honest, for most of us - running does. Getting up on two wheels can be enjoyable on even the most scorching of NOLA summer days. No longer simply a two-wheeled feat for our five-year-old selves, biking allows adult-us to enjoy leisurely, breezy relaxation in a matter of seconds, all the while our bodies burning calories and working to increase our metabolism.  

With New Orleans' famous live oaks to ride under, we almost can’t think of a better way to spend a sunny Sunday morning than…



Begin your bike ride at the entrance to Audubon Park, famous for its ancient live oaks, rolling golf courses, and hanging Spanish moss that provides just the right amount of shade from the beating sun. Throughout the park runs a 1.7 mile walking, jogging, and biking trail, fully equipped with mini fitness areas located sporadically on either side that allow you to add yet another dimension to your outdoor workout. We highly recommend completing the full loop at least one time, ensuring that you get the full effect of the beauty of the historic homes lining the park, as well as the spectacular views of its many ponds and fountains. After one full loop around - if you’re up for it! - continue biking the path one more half loop, until you find yourself on the Magazine Street side of the park. Cross Magazine Street and, voila!, here you are at Audubon Zoo. Either park your bike and wander into the zoo for a well-deserved break from the pedals, or continue past the Zoo until you reach…



Ahhh, The Fly. Ask any student at Tulane University or Loyola University, and he or she will tell you that The Fly is a go-to spot on a sunny day. The Fly is not enclosed, there is no gate or entrance to “get in” or point at which it reaches maximum capacity; it is a public field along the Mississippi River that can be reached simply by biking (or walking, or driving, but today, we are biking) through and past the parking lot of the Audubon Zoo. Continue biking along the road located at the back of this parking lot and up the miniature hill to which this road takes you. At this point, you will see another parking lot, and beyond that parking lot, a breathtaking view of the world famous Mississippi River. Hop off your bike and plop yourself down in the grass, as far or as close to the edge as you like, even dangling your feet down over the rocks if you so choose. Sit back, relax, and take it all in.


Once you’ve soaked up enough Vitamin D at The Fly for a lifetime, you’ll probably be feeling rather thirsty. Plus, now that you’ve been biking all over Uptown, it’s time to get some grub, too. Finish up your ride at one of our favorite, bikeable spots to grab a cold one or some delicious eats near The Fly…  

  1. O’Henry’s: great balcony, “on the lighter side” menu options

  2. Refuel: must.order.their.breakfast.burritos.

  3. Camellia Grill: famed NOLA institution, diner fare

  4. Cooter Brown’s: one of the best oyster bars & happy hours in the city

  5. Milk Bar: casual sandwich shop

See you on 2 Wheels!