The Lafitte Greenway: Behind the "Greens" Insight

Although the Lafitte Greenway has been underway since '06 and now officially open, not many people are aware of its existence nor its many offerings. Oftentimes, people will even find themselves strolling along the Greenway without realizing that they're doing so. This is because the Lafitte Greenway is an inconspicuous, seamlessly intertwined stretch of walkways and bike paths spanning all the way from the top of the French Quarter, past the Bayou St John waterway, through to our lovely City Park. City Park was designed by the famous landscape architect Fredrick Olmsted who is also famous for designing Central Park in New York City. 

If you haven't taken the time to experience the Lafitte Greenway, or at least haven't done so knowingly, we charge you to take the time off your week or weekend, get up, and get out there! No matter the day of the week, this Greenway will undoubtedly have an event that will entice you to stroll on over. Whether it's sunset yoga, walking tours, or just going green that gets YOU going, the Lafitte Greenway has something to offer for every individual. And, if you don't see an opportunity that fits into your schedule, the Greenway also boasts a variety of sites along its path to make it worth a visit, including the New Olreans Museum Of Art (NOMA), plenty of playgrounds and parks including tennis and basketball courts, a public pool and too many bars and restaurants to count (it's Nola, whaddya expect?!). Check out their site for a detailed map and list of offerings.

On top of all of these amazing qualities, the Lafitte Greenway's mission and vision are just an added bonus. The core values of the team "behind the greens" of this biking & walking path focus on post-Katrina revitalization, environmental sustainability, open space development, enhancing the local quality of life, and promoting active living. With its numerous amenities, unmissable span (all the way from Treme to Lakeview!), and good vibes, we can't think of one reason NOT to visit the Lafitte Greenway!


  1. Rent a bike at A Cycle Named Desire
  2. Cruise through the Quarter
  3. Catch the Greenway at Basin Street
  4. Stop for a breather and a cold one at Bayou Beer Garden
  5. Continue biking along the Bayou St John waterway, continuing into City Park
  6. Finish, of course, at Morning Call. Iced lattes and beignets, please!