Spotlight: The Sweat Social STRETCH! Classes

Maybe you want to go a little easier on your joints, and a HIIT class just seems a little to intense for today. Maybe you want to focus on your abs, and strengthening your core muscles. Maybe you even did your cardio for the day, and you’re looking to do some muscle work. If this sounds familiar, our STRETCH! class is definitely for you.

Taught by one of our newest instructors, Jessica, this class combines yoga and pilates moves that are hundreds and even thousands of years old, and you’re gonna feel them working. Using slow, controlled movements, the STRETCH! class involves balance that stems from your core, and believe us, you will feel that belly tightening up by the morning.

Like our SWEAT! classes, STRETCH! gets in all your essential moves in 30 minutes, getting you in, out, and on with your life. This low impact class is one that your joints will thank you for, and so will your future six-pack! This class is great for all levels, and will not only have you feeling strong, but will send you home feeling relaxed and calm.

So if you're looking for a workout that will work your body and your soul, sign up for a STRETCH! class today!