Mardi Gras Training Pt. 3: Undercover Workouts

It’s finally here, and there’s no turning back now. Mardi Gras is officially in full swing, and Muses rolls at 6:30 on Thursday. The city will become one big party, with hundreds of thousands of tourists and locals enjoying music, drinks, and life together. Children will covet their throws more than their Christmas presents, and parents will deflect beads aiming straight for their heads. We hope that by now, you’ve collected all of our best tips for a great Mardi Gras, but we’ve got just a few more for you.

This next week, though it will be full of indulgence, is also one big workout in disguise. If you feel like all your hurricane-drinking and fried chicken-eating is going to catch up with you quickly this week, you could be wrong.

1. Paraders walk an average of 10 miles a day over the course of the week.

You probably won’t ever realize how much you end up walking every day. Walking from site to site to visit with friends, getting up and down to catch throws, and wandering down main streets like St. Charles or Canal really adds up, and you may actually end up sore in the morning. If you have a fitness tracker, be sure to take it with you and tally up your final distance.

2. Reaching for throws will do a number on your shoulders and back.

Spending all day with your arms in the air will definitely have you feeling the burn. With anywhere from four to eight parades each day, you’re bound to spend at least a few hours jumping up and down and reaching for beads, Moon Pies, and maybe the occasional thong. Make sure to stretch at the end of every day to minimize the aches and pains for the week.

3. With crazy Uber rates and blocked off streets, you may end up walking home.

There are five full days of Mardi Gras to get through, which means there’s bound to be a day or two that include a long walk home. Uber rates may not be worth it, and even getting one may become a hassle with so many parade routes blocked off throughout the city. Be prepared to wander home with comfy shoes and a sweater. It’s not too bad when you’ve got your friends with you.

So there you have it. You are now prepared to go off into the Mardi Gras crowds feeling confident that you know all there is to know from the experts. We want you to have the best time and be the healthiest you can be, so put on your dancing shoes and get moving! And most importantly – laissez le bon temps rouler!