Mardi Gras Training Pt. 2: Tips and Tricks

We’ve made it! Mardi Gras kicked off officially this weekend with Krewe du Vieux, and now all we can do is countdown to the big week. With Muses rolling at 6:30 pm Uptown on February 4th, there’s only a week and a half left to get prepared.

Mardi Gras can seem like an intimidating week of festivities, and it’s important that you get the most out of every single day. This five-day-long party can get exhausting if you don’t plan correctly, so check out our tips on how to maximize your Mardi Gras and have the best time you can! From the parades to the street food to how to get yourself the most beads, we’ve got all the insider information on how to make this Mardi Gras your best week yet.

1. Get those legs ready for walking.

During Mardi Gras week, cars and public transportation are, for the most part, not an option. The streetcar runs from Carrolton to Napoleon, but after that you’re on your own. Make sure to prepare your legs in the days leading up by walking to work, taking the stairs, and getting in some squats whenever you can. You’ll be glad you did.

2. If you want to eat something other than a footlong corndog, bring snacks.

For the most part, the street food along the parade route is expensive. Also, it’s kind of gross. While that liquid nacho cheese might look good to the drunken eye, you might regret it when you can’t find a bathroom down the road (see what we’re getting at?). To save money and time, stick some energy bars and trail mix in your bag for the daytime festivities, and scope out the family crawfish boils and grills for a full meal. They’re cheaper and usually more delicious.

3. Stick a roll of toilet paper in your bag for emergencies.

By this, we do not mean popping a squat. Public urination can result in getting you stuck in Orleans Parish Prison until Tuesday morning. Instead, look for public bathrooms along the parade route, and check AirPnP for available restrooms in your area.

4. Arrive early.

Getting to the parades early can never do any harm, and can get you an awesome spot along the parade route. For the best view of your favorite parades, show up early and claim your spot. You’ll make friends in your area and you’ll catch every minute of parade time.

5. You don’t need to show your boobs for beads.

This is a common Mardi Gras myth, and it’s simply untrue. Krewe members throw beads off of floats to everyone, and they favor children. To maximize your chances of catching some cool throws, your best bet is to yell and cheer really loud. But seriously, unless you’re on Bourbon St., no boobs. Uptown parades are generally full of families, and chances are you’ll have some very unhappy parents in your midst.

We want you to have a Mardi Gras experience you'll never forget, and the less stress involved, the more fun it will be. Make sure to prepare accordingly, bring a jacket, and pace yourself, because this week is gonna get a little crazy. So get squatting, stretching, and checking off your list. This is bound to be one to remember!