5 Ways to Burn Off A Muffulleta from Central Grocery

Ok firstly, anyone who can take down an entire Muffuletta sandwich from Central Grocery deserves a rightful chapter in the "I can eat my freakin' face off" book.  They are huge!!! Conservatively speaking we are talking about 775 calories. So if you chose to indulge in one of these gluttonous behemoths, here are 5 things you can do to burn that monster of a sandwich off.  

5 Ways to Burn off The central grocery Muffuletta

1. Walk back and forth through the entire French Quarter 6-8 times

2. Rent a bike and pedal hard and fast for about 3 hours

3. Eat a low-calorie and very clean diet for 24 hours (who wants to do that in NOLA?!)

4. Go hardcore, a.k.a., "booty shaking" dancing for about 2 hours

5. Spend 30 minutes at The Sweat Social


Ok, OK number 4 and 5 are tied. 


Sweat with you soon!