How to Burn Off Your Favorite New Orleans Foods

We all know eating in New Orleans involves some rich, delicious dishes. Traditional food here has always had a reputation for being heavy and filling, but have you ever thought about what it really takes to burn off some of your favorites? We’ve compiled some of your NOLA staples, and come up with some fun ways to help you earn those calories so you can feel good about your day. Bonus: most of these workouts won't require you leaving the house, so no need to have to brave the cold winter weather!


1 cup of gumbo: 320-450 calories (depending on what meats you choose), 31g protein, 23g fat

How to burn it off: Clean your house. 1 hour of tidying up around your house and rearranging furniture burns around 400 calories, if you are hard at work the whole time. You’ll probably have to do it anyway, why not enjoy on of your favorite dishes as a reward!

Crawfish Etouffee

1 ¼ Cup of Etouffee, 2/3 cup of rice: 395 calories, 23g protein, 20g fat

How to burn it off: Go swimming! Swimming for around 45-50 minutes burns about 500 calories, and is easy on your joints. A swim workout will keep your metabolism high all day, and can also be very relaxing.

Fried Shrimp Poboy

1 Whole Poboy: 830 calories, 45g protein, 45g fat

How to burn it off: This one is gonna require a real workout. Burning 800 calories is no easy feat, but it can be done. Try a HIIT workout! HIIT workouts generally last around 20-30 minutes, and including the after burn can help you hit your 800 calorie goal. Half an hour of intense interval and sprint training with HIIT will leave you feeling like jelly.


1 Beignet: 240 calories, 1g protein, 7g fat (Don’t forget an order at Café Du Monde contains 3!)

How to burn it off: Paint your living room! Throwing a fresh coat of paint on your walls burns around 210 calories an hour, so if you feel like your rooms are getting a little dull this winter, put on your oldest jeans and get painting.

King Cake

1 Slice (assuming you cut into 20 pieces): 190 calories, 4g protein, 5g fat

How to burn it off: If you’re eating king cake, it’s probably Mardi Gras season! Walking along the parade route and dancing to the music will help you burn this one off in no more than 30 minutes.

Burning calories doesn't have to be a drag, and we don't want you to have to deprive yourself of your favorite things. Its always possible to get in some exercise without having to cut too much into your day, and a lot of the time you can even enjoy it! So enjoy your meals and work them off if the most fun way you can think of. Your body and your mind will thank you!