Instagrams to Get You Fit From Your Hotel Room

Working out on the road can be a pain, and sometimes hotel gyms are less than inviting. But who said you need a gym to work out? Hundreds of thousands of quick workouts can be found online, but Instagram has many unique workout and fitness routines that will keep you interested and take up minimal time. All you need it a little bit of space, 30 minutes, and yourself! Take a look at some of our favorite Instagram fitness pages and get ready to sweat. 


On this page, you'll find hundreds of exercise videos aimed at whatever part of your body you want to focus on, the majority of which can be done anywhere and everywhere - no equipment involved! These workouts, while fast, can be challenging, and will leave you sore, satisfied, and glad you took those few minutes to get yourself moving.


This page is dedicated to all you ladies out there. Whether you don't have time to make it to the gym, or just don't feel like leaving the comfort of your room, this page contains thousands of videos of routines that don't require anything more than a little bit of floor space. The strong women you'll watch in these videos will give you the motivation you need to push yourself to the limit.


As you can probably guess, this page is targeted toward those pesky abs, but these workouts will make getting that six-pack a breeze. With many exercises we'd never seen before, @howtogetabs changes it up from the normal crunches and floor exercises, making your workout a little more fun. These ab and oblique exercises can be done anywhere from your bedroom floor to the beach, so you can squeeze in a workout wherever you go.


The name might be "home" exercise guide, but you can take these workouts with you anywhere - even your office! Solo workouts, group drills, and couples exercises are all options on this account, so you can include your coworkers and travel buddies in your workout session. 


While this account ditches the videos, it posts complete workouts for every traveler's needs. Workouts like "The Morning Workout", "The Weightless Leg Workout", and "The Five Minute Plank Workout" target every area of your body in no time at all, and are interspersed with easy, yummy recipes and tips on staying motivated and de-stressed. 

Fun, high-energy workouts are literally at your fingertips, and can help you switch it up every single day. These are just a few accounts, but we know there are so many more great ones. Share your favorites with us in the comments section below!