Wellness options available at headquarters are not always accessible to remote employees. That’s where we come in.
— Rupa Mohan, CEO

We provide wellness programs for your remote employees

We provide wellness services at events, in the field and at home. These services range from on-site wellness services at your meetings to mobile applications that can be accessed anywhere.

We came from the field

Our team left corporate careers in pharmaceutical sales, finance and software and turned in our suits for spandex. We understand that remote employees live on the road and need wellness programs that support their needs.

We understand

We understand that the wellness needs of sales teams, customer service reps, and other field based employees are unique because we’ve been there. Our programs are designed for you whether that means you spend 3 + hours in the car each day, have to deal with jet lag or just need to clear your head.

Suits to spandex


The Sweat Social was conceived by Rupa Mohan and her husband during a 1 year adventure overseas. After spending 10 years on Wall Street, Rupa needed a break and a change of focus. She and her husband embarked an 1 year journey across the globe. On their voyage, Rupa realized that being a globetrotter was not un-similar to her professional career. A life on the road requires constant decision making, eating out for every meal and spending too much time in planes, trains and automobiles. The experience was eerily familiar to business travel on Wall Street. Soon, the idea of long term travel, once thought a dream come true, started to take a toll on her overall health and well-being.

It was then, that Rupa and her husband started to design wellness activities to offset the rigors that long working days, travel and stress place on the mind and body.

We created jogging tours of Saigon including stops at historic points. Travelers looking for more than a hotel gym began to notice and asked to join us. The Sweat Social was born.

What we are up to now

Since its beginnings, The Sweat Social has grown into a full-service wellness company that partners with corporations to help field employees perform at their highest levels.  Our team is made up of wellness specialists, personal trainers, group fitness instructors, but also pharmaceutical professionals, lawyers, finance executives and technologists. Our diverse professional backgrounds help us to design wellness programs for the specific type of work that you do, because we’ve been there. Whether that’s being able to stay focused through the long days, or sleeping through the night at a hotel, to teaching you how to configure your car seat to prevent back pain, we are here to support your well-being for your unique day to day.

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We spend the time to understand the specific job functions of your field teams and create programs that help them increase performance. This drives results, engagement, longevity and morale.
— Rupa Mohan, Founder of The Sweat Social